Euro Gambling Growth

A report from the European Commission this week suggest that online Euro gambling growth could be up to fifteen per cent next year, an amazing statistic that shows just how popular online gaming is becoming. In particular we can attribute this success to poker: many European players are now getting in to playing over the internet, something that has already been readily embraced by American players, particularly the professionals who know exactly how to make a living out of the game and play their opponents off against one another. Online blackjack games have also seen record numbers for the past three consecutive years, showing that card games really do rule the roost where Europe is concerned!
It is abundantly clear that online casino games are popular all around the world, a factor that is pushing the decline of land based casinos in some areas of the world where revenue increases are either slowing down or declining completely. You will also find large amounts of strategy guides, casino discussion forums, databases that contain reviews and statistics for the casino sites, and news blogs like this one that regularly report on movements within the casino industry. Now, mobile gaming is also rearing its head, as more and more players download apps onto their smart phones and tablets that allow them to bet on all kinds of games wherever they go.
Convenience is obviously a huge factor in the popularity of these forms of the games, but it could also be that we are all just getting more used to using the internet for any purpose. Writing letters has been replaced by email; calling or getting in touch personally has given way to Facebook; even gaming on other sites or using gaming devices has begun to fall under the sway of Facebook’s impressive application library, and of course real money gambling is being developed for that platform too. It is estimated that online gaming earned revenues in the EU in 2011 of €9.3 billion, and that is not including the estimated 15,000 unregulated sites that are still out there.

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