Dutch Casino Revolution

Plans are now in place for a Dutch casino revolution, which will see the Dutch government changing the way that it deals with casinos in the country and will bring in more options for players there. The plan is for them to sell the state owed casino monopoly which is currently in place, and instead legalise online gambling in order to open up competition in the country and allow for more tax revenue to be gained in that way.
The new government was sworn in earlier this month, so this is one of their first proposed changes – and it is a big one. They promised to sell Holland Casino and bring in legislation which will allow for online casino games and online betting to take place in a legal manner, and though not every detail has been worked through yet reactions have been positive. “It is unclear at this stage if it will be a sale or an initial public offering. The government hasn’t decided how the sale will take place,” says Justin Franssen, a lawyer with VMW Taxand who has his speciality in the gaming sector.
There are fourteen Holland Casino venues throughout the country, most of them based in the larger cities which attract more tourist visitors such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They bring in around one million visitors per year, but their profit is modest compared to casinos elsewhere in the world at only 3.8 million Euros. It is certainly true that they are far from the glamour of Las Vegas, and a bit of rejuvenation could be just what they need to get business really booming. Tellingly, the casinos all put together receive about the same number of visits each year as the house in which Anne Frank hid from the Nazis during World War II, but they do not achieve the kind of status that the Van Gogh Museum enjoys. A weak economy has already harmed the casinos, with the management announcing they would cut ten per cent of the work force over the next two years to save on costs.

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